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Although technology has continued to move along over the past several months, the screen on the Samsung Galaxy Proclaim is plenty good for the price of the phone. It’s no Super AMOLED like they are putting on the smartest of smartphones these days (the Samsung Galaxy S4 is now up to Full HD Super AMOLED). But you won’t be disappointed in the quality of the display, as it is bright and crisp.

Samsung Galaxy Proclaim ReviewFor those of you interested in the technical specs, this phone has a 3.5-inch TFT touch screen. It offers 16M colors, a resolution of 320 x 480 pixels, and supports “multi-touch.”

One thing I would caution you on – I strongly encourage you to put a screen protector on your Proclaim, as the screen seems especially prone to scuffs and scratches. My phone arrived a few days before I got a protector, and in that short time I acquired several dull areas on the screen from where I was frequently touching to unlock the device. Screen protectors are very inexpensive and well worth the cost to protect your investment.

The only downside I can say on my screen protector is that it seems to have somewhat diminished the visibility of my display when used in bright sunlight. Once again, though, it’s worth it in my opinion to give up that functionality in order to extend the useful life of the device.

Another thing that I have to comment on here is the “Swype” keyboard. For those of you that are new to Android, the operating system allows users to install different types of keyboards. There are many different options that you can download from the Google Play store (some free, some paid). The Samsung Galaxy Proclaim comes with the Swype keyboard pre-installed for you. Swype allows you to type on the touch screen without picking up your finger until you are done with a word. So to type the word “the,” you would move your finger from “t” to “h” to “e,” all without picking up your finger.

Swype will determine where your finger slows and/or changes directions, and interprets the movement to predict the word you are typing. In fact, you only need to get close to the letter you mean to use and that’s usually good enough. This can dramatically speed up your typing once you learn it – and it’s a very short learning curve.

Alternatively, you can also search the Play Store, as I mentioned above. The “Kii” keyboard is one that’s currently very popular, with over five thousand ratings at an average rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 possible.

With the Swype keyboard, the shape of the phone that I touched on in the first part of this review, and the compact size and light weight, the Samsung Galaxy Proclaim is very comfortable to hold and use, whether you prefer to go one-handed or use both hands.


I also love the ease of connecting the Proclaim to other devices, such as computers or bluetooth devices. As I mentioned in another post on this site where I compared the Proclaim to an iPhone, I HATE Apple’s requirement that users connect their iPhone through iTunes. Every time I try to use iTunes to manage my iOS devices, it’s a huge headache.

The Samsung Galaxy Proclaim, on the other hand, is recognized by your computer just like a flash drive. File transfer becomes a matter of easy drag-and-drop navigation.

Similarly, I have had success pairing my Proclaim to a handful of different bluetooth devices. Specifically, I have used both standard bluetooth earpieces with a microphone (in a couple of different brands), as well as a stereo headset designed for listening to audio but not making calls. All connected without a problem.

One other thing that I really like about the Proclaim, and Android in general, is the ease of “tethering,” or using your phone to create a hotspot through which other devices such as laptops and tablets can connect to the internet (using your phone’s cellular data connection). This feature MUST be used with caution and moderation due to Straight Talk’s rather strict policies regarding data limits. However, I love the flexibility of using the FoxFi app to create a hotpost with my Samsung Galaxy Proclaim.


I’m not going to say a lot about the camera on this phone, because it’s pretty unremarkable. Not terrible, just average. You’ll get a 3.15 megapixel camera that performs reasonably well, but honestly the quality is blown away by any of the newer phones. Then again, you’re paying a lot less for this one. To sum it up, I wouldn’t want to use it to take pictures of my family memories or for vacation pictures, but when you’re on the go and it’s the only image capture device you have handy, you won’t be disappointed.

It does support video capture at 720 x 480 resolution – short of “HD,” but better than I would expect from phones of this release vintage and price range.

Finally, one last note here – there is NOT a front-facing camera. That really doesn’t affect the way I use my phone, but if you were hoping to video chat with the Proclaim, you’ll be out of luck.


Well, that pretty much concludes my review of the Samsung Galaxy Proclaim for Straight Talk or Net10. To wrap things up, I’ll go through a quick summary here, followed by my final recommendation:

  • Compact, easy-to-handle size
  • Good reception
  • Adequate battery life
  • Mediocre camera
  • Verizon coverage
  • Expandable via microSD
  • Google Play Store access – hundreds of thousands of apps
  • Straight Talk/Net10’s low monthly rates

So, if you are looking for your first smart phone, I think it’s worth your time to think about the Proclaim. The most important thing for me here is that you’ll get Verizon coverage – something that is hard to do on a prepaid smart phone.

Especially now that Straight Talk offers the Proclaim as a $60 refurb, you can’t go wrong. Even if you have to pay full price of over $150, this is a viable option for people that must have Verizon coverage and don’t want to get intimately involved with the technical workings of their phone. (Which I’m assuming means you, because honestly you probably wouldn’t have read this far if you enjoy tinkering with, and possibly breaking, such things.) Click here to check out the phone on Net10’s site, or here for Straight Talk.

If you have previously used a later-model iPhone or higher-end smart phone, the Proclaim will feel like a step back for you. In that case, check out how you can bring your own phone to Straight Talk.



Samsung Galaxy Proclaim User Reviews

So, you’ve probably already seen my opinion of the Samsung Galaxy Proclaim posted on this site. And while I have a great deal of experience with prepaid phones and have written up dozens of reviews over the least several years, I am just one person. I am not egotistical enough to think that my opinion is more authoritative than anyone else’s, so I’ve put together a list of other reviews so that you can get a feel for what other users think of this device as well.

I’ve taken the time to search YouTube and watch many videos of Samsung Galaxy Proclaim user reviews, ferreting out the most helpful among those. I came up with the following list that you might like to watch in order to gain some alternative points of view to my own:


This video gives a nifty rundown of the key features and technical specifications of the Samsung Galaxy Proclaim on Straight Talk’s Prepaid Plan which piggybacks on the Verizon mobile network. This entry-level Android phone is an ideal pick for those who are just looking for the basic stuff into their mobile device. This budget smartphone from the Korean electronics giant features a 3.5-inch HVGA screen with a 480 x 320p resolution, a 1GHz processor under its hood and a 3MP camera on the back.

The prepaid plan would set you back for $180 and the monthly service would cost you $45,
which is good for about 2GB of data of unlimited talk and text messaging and Internet access.
Of course, this Samsung smartphone from Straight Talk could be a wise choice for those
looking for an entry-level android smartphone. However, if you are in the hunt for a smartphone
that would offer the best value, then this mobile device may not fare well when ranged against
Samsung Galaxy Nexus, which you can get for only $399 from Google.

The Samsung Galaxy Proclaim has a slightly-curved touchscreen and it has also been cited
by experts as the hallmark in the overall design of flagship products of Samsung, which also
includes Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Samsung Nexus S.

The second video focuses on specific features of the entry-level smartphone. The back portion
is aggressively contoured and its soft-textured finish provides for a good grip. This makes it
an ideal choice for users who are looking for a mobile gadget that is not overly cumbersome.
According to Samsung, the Galaxy Proclaim has a rated talk-time of about 5.5 hours and battery
of 15 days. But don’t get your hopes too high on this aspect of the Samsung Proclaim as there
have been quite a number of complaints about how fast its batteries are drained.

The other key features showcased in the video include its Caller Announce and Voice Caller ID,
screen savers and GPS navigation. The Galaxy Proclaim is a reliable partner on the road and is
perfect for getting directions to specific establishments and other destinations and tracking the
best and alternatives routes to these destinations.


The budget-friendly Samsung Galaxy Proclaim is actually the rebranded version of the
Samsung Illusion and the two have pretty much a good number of features and specs that
are the same. Just like its older sibling, the Galaxy Proclaim comes out of the box running on
Gingerbread Android 2.3 OS and there is no word yet of any upcoming OS update.

Getting the Samsung android device on the 3G network Verizon is an attractive proposition by
itself as users can benefit from the mobile network’s extensive coverage. It is definitely a better
choice over that of the ‘patchy’ coverage provided by either Sprint or AT&T. Straight Talk also
offers an alternative monthly plan which costs $60 and offers unlimited international calls to
selected countries in its suite of goodies.

Our fourth video in these series of video reviews on the Samsung Galaxy Proclaim gives us
an inside peek on its performance. It showcases the various features that show that this low-
cost Samsung device does not necessarily mean that it is also cheap in the performance
department. So, how does it stack up against the other Samsung android phones? The
Quadrant benchmark of Galaxy Proclaim places it on third spot and well ahead of the Samsung

So, what would generally be the major reasons for you to consider this Samsung mobile

A definite plus is the coverage provided Verizon and for this alone, the Samsung Galaxy
Proclaim should be a wise choice. However, if you have had found your comfort zone using an
iPhone 5 or Galaxy S3, then this budget smartphone will not definitely make it to your range of
probable choices.

On the other hand, if you have had enough of the sluggish Galaxy Precedent or if you are not
wont to purchase a smartphone with moving parts, such as the LG Optimus Q, then this budget
friendly android phone by Samsung is clearly a safe choice for you.

The Galaxy Proclaim may be the next best option if you feel that that LG Optimus Q is not
within your budget range. Coming for less than $200 a pop on either NET10 or Straight Talk,
this Samsung android device offers the things that you need as long as you are not looking for
features that are earth-shattering.

Thus, if you think that you can survive with a mobile device with just the standard 1GHz
processor and a suite of features and specs which include Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity
options, a 1GB internal memory, a 3MP camera and GPS navigation, then the Galaxy Proclaim
should chug along without any hitches and it should be included in your short list.

Click here to learn more about the Straight Talk version
Click here to check out more details on the Net10 Samsung Galaxy Proclaim


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