Samsung Galaxy Proclaim vs. Precedent

by pbushx2

Samsung Galaxy Proclaim Proclaim for Straight Talk and Net10

If you are shopping for a new Android phone on Straight Talk (or on Net10), the Samsung Galaxy Precedent can appear to be an appealing, cheaper alternative to the Samsung Galaxy Proclaim. In fact, the Precedent is less than half the price of the Proclaim, a price difference of $100. However, in my opinion you should stay (far!) away from the Precedent, for several reasons which I will outline below: First and foremost, I had a big problem with system stability on the Precedent – I couldn’t stand it! The phone would lock up seemingly at random, requiring me to pull the battery to even get it to restart.

Problems with the Samsung Galaxy Precedent

The Precedent looks nice at first glance, but as you can see there are some serious problems here. The Proclaim works smoothly, and has continued to do so despite me adding dozens of apps and switching to a newer, higher-capacity microSD card. There’s no surer way for your smart phone to look dumb (and frustrate the heck out of you) than for it to stop working for even the most basic functions of a phone – like making and receiving phone calls. Not only is this incredibly frustrating, it can cost you time and money, or even be a danger to you if you need to make an emergency call. More than once I had the problem with the phone “locking up” on me, but I didn’t notice it had done so until a call came in. Then – guess what? – I couldn’t even unlock the phone to answer the call. Wow, talk about “epic fail!” I think it helped a little to delete some apps by trial-and-error, but then what’s the point of an Android phone if half the apps you want make the phone go batty? Further, the Precedent has lackluster battery life. Problems with battery life on smart phones is not an uncommon problem these days. After all, with large screens, background processes, widgets, etc., we are asking a lot of our gadgets, and all that activity requires power to operate. However, the Precedent was one of the worst I have ever tested in this category. And during the times when it was “locked up,” the battery draw seemed to accelerate a lot. To the point that one time, after the phone locked up, I couldn’t even get it to power on after I pulled the battery until I had plugged it in for 10 minutes. If you are tethered to a power cord, your phone is a lot less “mobile” than advertised.

Problems with the Proclaim

After two months with the Proclaim, I can confidently say that it is a better phone than the Precedent, with much better coverage in my area (Proclaim uses Verizon vs. the Sprint network for the Precedent). I have not experienced any lock-ups with the Proclaim, and I’ve answered dozens if not a hundred calls on it. That’s not to say I don’t have complaints with the Proclaim:

  • Battery life seems hit-and-miss (although again, I suspect certain apps are the source of the problem and I haven’t yet taken the time to delve into it, and either way it’s still as good as the Precedent).
  • Certain apps are a little quirky, although I understand this is true of most android devices (again still better than the precedent).
  • The screen is not scratch resistant at all – DEFINITELY get a screen protector before you use it.
  • The screen can be hard to see it bright outdoor settings, and it isn’t as responsive to changes in lighting as I would like. That said, once again, it’s better than the Precedent.
  • Charging can be a little quirky- others have reported getting a flashing screen when they plug in the phone, and I experienced this as well. Specifically, the issue seems to come up when the phone has gone completely dead, and I try to attach it to a charger other than the one it came with. Some chargers are worse than others, but I have a couple of chargers that work when the phone is turned on and has at least some charge, yet they won’t work when the phone is completely dead and turned off. I have negated this issue by preventing my Proclaim from going completely dead – a good practice, anyway – and haven’t had a charging issue since.

All in all, I’d say these complaints are very minor compared to the Precedent’s frequent locking up and missing calls. I know it’s a big chunk of change to buy a Proclaim, but if you are on the fence and can swing the $100+ for the new phone, my suggestion is to go for it.

Proclaim vs. Precedent summary

The Proclaim, though more expensive, beats the Precedent in just about every important category I could think of, including:

  1. Coverage. Your experience in your area may vary, but as a general rule the Verizon network (utilized by the Proclaim) covers a much larger percentage of the U.S. land area than does Sprint (the Precedent’s carrier).
  2. Performance. The Precedent frequently locked up on me; I’ve never had this problem with the Proclaim.
  3. Battery Life. The Proclaim seems to sip juice from your battery, while the Precedent will take big gulps from time to time.

When I step back and look at all this, sometimes it’s hard to believe that both phones are in the “Samsung Galaxy” family, yet one is so much better. Still, I urge you not to be tempted by the lower price of the Precedent – you’ll regret the purchase. Spend a little more and get a phone that will meet your expectations.


Click here to search for the Straight Talk Version of the Proclaim, or to compare it to the Precedent. For the Net10 version, click here.

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