Samsung Galaxy Proclaim for Straight Talk and Net10

by pbushx2

Welcome to my Samsung Galaxy Proclaim website. This site is devoted to sharing information about the Samsung Galaxy Proclaim from Straight Talk and Net10.

I expect this to be a very popular device since it is the first true smartphone from Straight Talk or Net10 to operate on Verizon’s network. I know from my years of blogging about prepaid phones that many people live in areas where only Verizon provides satisfactory cell phone coverage.
Samsung Galaxy Proclaim ReviewAnd I often get questions from those people asking when they will ever be able to get a nice phone they can use. Now they have finally an Android among their prepaid options.

This device was announced in early May, and according to the sellers’ information pages, it will be shipped out sometime in the middle of the month. I have already pre-ordered mine with overnight shipping, so I should be among the first people to get a Proclaim in my hands. When I do, I’ll dive into my usual thorough review.

Until then, I’ll rely on other resources, such as Samsung’s site, America Movil’s tutorials pages, the Proclaim user manual, and comparisons to other phones, especially others in the “Samsung Galaxy” lineup.

I can also tell you, based on my previous experience with Straight Talk, Net10, and TracFone, that the hardware in this device will be the same regardless of which service provider you go with. The difference is in the monthly plan pricing.

Both brands will require you to use their “unlimited” monthly plan, providing unlimted calls and texts and, supposedly, unlimited data. The difference is that Net10 charges $50 for this service, while Straight Talk’s price for the same thing is $45.

I don’t know the reason for this recommendation as the service is the same, so my recommendation is to go for the cheaper option and save yourself $5 a month. That said, Net10 airtime cards are avialable at a wider variety of stores. So if you want the option of buying your airtime somewhere other than Walmart or, then you’ll have to decide whether $5 a month is worthwhile to you for having that choice.

Also, you’ll notice that a couple of paragraphs above I wrote that the data is “supposedly” unlimited. I say that because with the other Android phones on these two service providers, consumers have found that they are sometimes shut down if their data usage exceeds 2GB a month, or 100mb in a day.

How this “unlimited” question will work remains to be seen when it comes to the Samsung Galaxy Proclaim. At this point, it’s impossible to know how it will be handled on the Verizon side of things; those other Android phones I mentioned were running on the AT&T network when they ran into trouble.

Over the next month or so, I’ll do my best to answer this and any other questions you might have about this handset in my full Samsung Galaxy Proclaim review.

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